Basic Website Rules

No Spamming - You can post as much as you want to, but be sure you don't post the same thing more than once. Also do not double post or more.

No Porn - The reason for this rule is the simple age factor on the website. Some people who join are underage. And if you get caught posting porn your account will be deleted without a warning.

No Advertising - If you wish to get more traffic on your website, this is not the place to advertise it. Though you can put any website info you want to on display in your profile.

No Harassment - We don't mind you arguing with someone you don't like. But try to get most of your arguments settled through messages. If Harassment continues to stalking, death threats, or any kind of real life threat.

No Personal Info - No Personal Info unless you, or someone you allow to post it with consent. 

 Any Repeated Breaking of theses rules could end up with your account suspended or deleted depending on the scenario.

                                        Basic Rights

The Right To Freedom Of Typing Whatever You Want - You have the right to say whatever to whoever you want. Just as long as you are not spamming or harassing while doing so. No matter how stupid or ignorant you come out to be, it is within your rights.

The Right To Bear Arms - Any member May own and hang they're own pair of Bear Arms.

                                   Clan Ladder Rules

Basic Info: The Clan Ladder is used for giving reputation to clans that want it. Just be sure not to break any of the following rules. 

Clan Battles: When you lose or win against another clan be sure to have proof that you won, or else it doesn't count. Same goes for proving that the enemy team was cheating, if they were then be sure to get Picture/Video proof before calling them out.

Contacting A Clan: When contacting a clan try to keep it professional, just be sure not to abuse the feature by sending spam, hatemail, or any type of porn to the receiver.  

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